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Bitcoin Mining

SpaceTech Profits Bitcoin Cloud Mining is as simple as it gets. Mine bitcoins without having to worry about technical jargons such as network difficulty and hash rate.

Bitcoin Mining Steps

Create Account

Creating a Spacetech Profits account is free and takes less than 5 mins to complete.

Pay for Contract

Select the contract you want to purchase and proceed to making your payment. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Receive New Bitcoins

Immediately your payment is confirmed, your contract will be activated and you will start receiving fresh Bitcoins in less than 24 hrs.

our unique features


Future Proof



Instant Mining

99.9% Uptime guaranteed

Always on systems

Our infrastructures are always on an running. Begin mining immediately your purchase gets confirmed. We assure you a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Fixed Returns

We keep our words

guaranteed profits

We offer you a guaranteed profit return periodically, technicalities aside. No cock and bull stories about network difficulties etc.


Information at a glance

easy to undertand

Keeping track of your activities can not be easier than this. View detailed information about transactional activities on your account in a just one glance.

Its never too late to get started.

Start doing business with bitcoins today.

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BTC/ETH 48.43
BTC/JPY 712,462.82
BTC/EUR 6,070.53
BTC/GBP 5,356.74
BTC/LTC 167.81
BTC/CNY 48,525.01
BTC/XRP 37,622.27
BTC/ZAR 123,724.07
BTC/CAD 9,432.20

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